• macOS Sonoma support New Apple Virtualization features include save/restore VM state and dynamic resolution for macOS Sonoma guests. Note that currently, you must remove the Sound and Entropy device in order to use save/restore VM state.
  • visionOS support UTM is now working on visionOS but until we get our hands on a real device, it is TBD on how to actually run it. If you are a lucky owner of a development unit, you can try it out yourself with the provided IPAs.
  • Automatically save state when you close a VM This will only work on VMs that support save states. If your VM does not support it, you will get an error message with an explanation.
  • macOS USB commands in utmctl You can now use utmctl usb commands to connect and disconnect USB devices from a running VM.


  • macOS If you are running a virtualized VM on an Intel Mac with TPM enabled and the guest freezes on startup, you will need to temporarily disable Hypervisor (Settings -> QEMU -> Use Hypervisor), boot into Windows, and then re-enable Hypervisor after shutting down. The TPM device changed in v4.4.1 and this causes an issue on existing VMs.
  • macOS When entering full-screen, auto-capture of system keys in AVF (introduced in v4.3.2) and of mouse in QEMU (introduced in v4.4.0) is no longer default. You can enable the option in preferences (Cmd+,) under the Input tab.
  • Linux guests: Mesa 23.2.1 introduced a bug that will crash UTM with the error GL_ARB_clear_texture. If you experience this bug, temporarily disable GPU acceleration, then downgrade your Mesa package (or update to the next version when it comes out/nightly build), and the switch back to GPU acceleration.


The full list of changes can be found on GitHub.