The action menu can be opened by a secondary click or a Force Touch on a virtual machine in the list.

  1. macOS Reveal the virtual machine package in Finder.
  2. Open the configuration settings for this virtual machine.
  3. Run the virtual machine.
  4. Run the virtual machine in disposable mode or recovery mode (depending on the VM).
  5. Export the virtual machine and all its data.
  6. macOS Move the virtual machine to another path (for example an external hard drive).
  7. Create a copy of the virtual machine with all its data.
  8. Create a copy of the virtual machine configuration without the data.
  9. Remove the virtual machine from the list. If it is stored in the default path (and has not been moved), the data will be deleted as well.
  10. iOS Download (if needed) and mount the Windows guest tools. On macOS, this option is found after opening the virtual machine.