• Built-in Terminal This serial port will be connected to UTM’s built in Terminal which can be configured in the proceeding section.
  • TCP Client Connection A TCP connection will be opened and if successful, the serial port will read and write to that socket.
  • TCP Server Connection A new socket is opened and the serial port will be connected to it. A client can connect to it in order to read and write to the serial port.
  • macOS Pseudo-TTY Device A PTTY device is created and the serial port is redirected to it. Another application can open the device and communicate with the VM. When this option is used, the PTTY device created will be listed in the VM’s details on the main window after the VM is started.


  • Automatic QEMU provides routing for up to four serial devices automatically. The rules differ for each architecture and system target but they typically map to the main serial ports of the system.
  • Manual A new serial device can be created in the proceeding section.
  • GDB Debug Stub A gdbserver stub provided by QEMU can be mapped to the connection.
  • QEMU Monitor The QEMU monitor (HMP) can be mapped to the connection.

Wait for Connection

Only applicable in TCP Server mode. When the VM is started, wait until a client is connected before booting up the guest.

Allow Remote Connection

Only applicable in TCP Server mode. If disabled, the server will listen only on local loopback ( If enabled, the server will listen on all interfaces (


Only applicable if the target is manual.

Emulated Serial Device

The hardware serial device to emulate for the guest operating system.


Only applicable in built-in terminal mode.


Currently not supported.

Text Color

Default color of the terminal text.

Background color

Default color of the terminal background.


Font of the terminal text.

Font size

Size of the terminal text.

Blinking cursor

If enabled, the cursor will pulse on screen.

Resize Console Command

This is the command that will be sent to the serial device whenever the “Resize” button is pressed in the VM’s terminal window. By default it will send stty cols $COLS rows $ROWS where $COLS and $ROWS is determined by the current window size.


Only applicable in TCP mode.

Server Address

Only applicable in TCP client mode. This is the server to connect to.


The TCP port to listen on (server mode) or connect to (client mode).