Directory sharing allows a host directory to be shared with the guest. There are three supported backends for directory sharing:

  1. SPICE WebDAV Requires SPICE webdavd to be installed and creates a local WebDAV server that is connected to the host. It is supported only by the QEMU backend and is compatible with Windows and Linux guests.
  2. VirtFS Requires 9pfs drivers and is currently only supported by the QEMU backend running Linux. It has better transfer speeds than SPICE WebDAV.
  3. macOS 12+ VirtioFS Requires virtiofs drivers and is currently only supported by the Apple backend running Linux.

macOS Shared directories in macOS VMs are only available in macOS 13 and later (both guest and host).

Selecting directory to share

This can be done from the details view near the bottom of the view.

Mounting on guest

Windows guests can install the guest tools to enable SPICE WebDAV sharing. Linux guests have a variety of options for directory sharing.