UTM provides power users with access to an AppleScript bridge interface paired with a command line interface. Note that not all features are currently supported in the scripting interface and feedback is welcome on what should be added.


Details on the verbs and nouns available in the scripting interface can be found here or in the AppleScript dictionary. To browse the dictionary:

  1. Open “Script Editor” (found in Applications → Utilities)
  2. In the menu bar choose File → Open Dictionary… (or Shift+Cmd+O)
  3. Select UTM from the list of applications

Check out the cheat sheet for some examples of what you can do.

Command Line Interface

The CLI tool is a wrapper around the AppleScript interface and provides easy access to some of the functionality. It can be found at:


It is recommended you “install” this by creating a symbolic link to your bin directory:

$ sudo ln -sf /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/utmctl

Run the tool without any arguments to see the help documentation and a list of available commands.

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