• UTM Remote server for macOS On macOS 13+, you can enable UTM Server from the new option on the home screen or from Window -> UTM Server. Once enabled, you can stream QEMU backend VMs to supported clients. The preferences page includes additional options including auto-starting the server and allowing external connections so it can be used outside of the local network. New documentation pages will be added in the future.
  • UTM Remote client for iOS and visionOS When UTM Server is enabled on macOS, you can connect to it with the new UTM Remote client which uses the same frontend as UTM for iOS/visionOS but without any of the QEMU backend. TestFlight will be available as soon as it is approved and the plans are to release it as a free app in the App Store.


  • macOS The automation URI scheme has been removed due to potential security issues if the user clicks a malicious link that sends an input to the VM. Most of the URI scheme functionality has moved to the scripting interface.


The full list of changes can be found on GitHub.