USB sharing allow you to connect a USB device to a virtual machine. It is supported only by the QEMU backend.

iOS Only jailbroken or exploit-based installs of UTM support USB sharing. UTM SE does not support USB sharing.

Due to the way macOS/iOS handles USB capturing (without custom kernel drivers), it is not possible to get a proper hardware reset on the connected device. The device will always be configured on the host before a software reset is sent to the device and it is seen by the virtual machine. This means that many devices will not work properly when captured by the virtual machine.

Some devices cannot be captured including built-in Apple webcams and iOS some external flash drives.

Enabling USB Sharing

In the virtual machine configuration, make sure that “USB sharing” is enabled.

Once the virtual machine is started, plug in the device and you should see a prompt to attach the device. You can also press the USB button on the toolbar to see a list of devices which you can attach or detach.

iOS You will need a “Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter” on Lightning port devices.